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Takie dela x unesco

I was part of a team as an illustrator for a major project in collaboration with the media outlet Takie Dela and UNESCO on sexual education and upbringing for teenagers and children. My role included providing visual content for the website, creating cover illustrations, article illustrations, icons, and illustrations for a guidebook for parents.

Иллюстрация_без_названия 4.png

"This is a security issue": how to talk to children about the body and why is it necessary?

Такие_Дела_Блок_1 3.png

Where to start sexual education and at what age should it be done?

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Why do I need to replace "cock" and "flower" with "penis" and "vulva"?


What should I do if, after a conversation, a child tells others about his genitals and asks them about their genitals? Will he have problems in kindergarten because of this, for example?

"They don't get pregnant the first time"How to start a conversation about sex with a child and why you can't do without it"They don't get pregnant the first time" How to start a conversation about sex with a child and why you can't do without it

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Такие_Дела_Блок_2 3.png
Такие_Дела_Блок_2 2.png

What are we risking by ignoring natural interest and leaving sexual education at the mercy of the elements of life?

"Media Library": what to read and watch while preparing for a conversation with a child


Sexprosvet bloggers Digest blogs in VK, Youtube and Telegram about the body and sexprosvet that can help in a dialogue with a teenager

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with a pediatric gynecologist

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Такие_Дела_Главная_Страница 3.png

How not to make it worse

Такие_Дела_Памятка 3.png

Don't pretend to be a friend

Такие_Дела_Главная_Страница 5.png
Такие_Дела_Памятка 2.png

Don't panic

Такие_Дела_Главная_Страница 2.png

And some sketches

Такие_Дела_Блок_1 4.png
Такие_Дела_Блок_2 4.png
Иллюстрация_без_названия 6.png
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